The Couch that Jack Built

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Why Jack?

Jack Cable offers unique upholstery design for everyone who aspires to a new couch. Our attention to detail will ensure that your furniture is of the highest quality and will do everything in our power to assure your happiness. Let us create an inviting space with soft furnishings. All cushions and throw rugs available; with different sizes, shapes and textured cushions you will create a layered look for indoor living space and outdoor zone.

What we offer

TheCouchThatJackBuilt is the ultimate spot in Glebe for couch and chair lovers; we offer fine upholstery service; we may start discussing your ideas and giving advice on the best way to renovate your couch, chairs and create a cohesive look. A great way to start is layering new cushions that will enhance a contemporary look.

Comfort and stylish couches are around the corner from Glebe Point road. Jack designs each couch with you to ensure an unique experience; you may have an existing couch with character that needs a finer fabric to bring it back to its glory days. There is no fit for all designs, we try to find the right balance with finest designer styles so that it will bring a new twist to our living room.

Your dining room may have its personal style. If you plan on entertaining your guests around Christmas or the long holiday break, Jack will make sure your dining chair set is one to impress. A new design to shine a more elegant aesthetic is another alternative. Around your dining table or office space at home, we can create the right experience to keep you comfy through long.

Our values

Upholstery is an amazing craft of human culture – which evolved over centuries for padding and covering chairs, seats and sofas. We want to keep a tradition by using the best materials and fabrics, solid wood or webbed platform.

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